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Most people simply don’t achieve ANY significant rankings due to the insurmountable competition for their “randomly” selected keywords.

And… about 90% of ALL KEYWORDS are simply
Too Hard For You To Achieve Significant Ranking for
in a Reasonable Amount of Time

Most people struggle to get ANY keyword to the front page of Google, let alone have the luxury of discovering that they’re getting NO TRAFFIC, or that they’re making NO PROFIT … they never get that chance because their inability to “read” the competition means they continue to pick keyword after keyword that’s IMPOSSIBLE to rank for.

That’s why being able to “size up” the competition is SO IMPORTANT… the MOST important of the FOUR GOLDEN RULES. Otherwise…

You’ll Unknowingly Step into the Search Engine Ring
with Mike Tyson, and Wonder Why
You Get Sucker Punched Off the Front Page!

To measure your competition, you can’t just rely on a single factor like “Page Rank”. You need a structured, systematic approach to scope out and “take down” the enemy. Lack of attention to this process is what’s responsible for marketers picking keywords that are impossible for their site to rank for.


…Makes You Vulnerable to Violating the
Critical 4 Golden Rules, that Cause
99% Of All Online Marketers To FAIL to Rank
for a Significant, Profit-Pulling Keyword…

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

As you know by now, there are four inviolable Golden Rules, which are responsible for a staggering 99% of marketers FAILING at all to rank for a significant key-phrase (one with Relevance and Traffic and Commercial Value and Acceptable Competition).

As you’ve seen, it’s NOT ENOUGH just to obey just one or even two of these rules. If you break JUST ONE of these rules… YOU WILL FAIL!

You need to obey ALL FOUR RULES.

Let’s quickly recap the 4 golden rules for you

Golden Rule #1:
The vast majority of keywords will NOT be relevant to your website. The search engines will only recognise a small portion of keywords in your market as being relevant, and choosing the wrong (irrelevant) keywords can confuse the search engines’ computerised algorithms – so getting the wrong keywords can cause your site to rank poorly.

Golden Rule #2:
90% of keywords have no traffic. You MUST ONLY target keywords that have significant traffic to make it worth the time and effort the you’ll need to invest to rank. Break this rule, and you’ll waste time and money ranking #1 in Google for a keyword that nobody searches for (which represents 90% of all keywords)

Golden Rule #3:
Many keywords have POOR profit potential and POOR commercial value. You MUST ONLY target keywords that will bring you in CASH, NOT just traffic. Break this rule, and you’ll waste time and money ranking #1 in Google for a keyword that attracts only “TIRE KICKERS” and NOT BUYERS – adding NOTHING to your bottom line.

Golden Rule #4:
90% of keywords are simply TOO COMPETITIVE to realistically rank for in a short-period of time without significant effort, money and time. Without a systematic competition analysis you will pick keywords that are simply TOO HARD for you to make ANY HEADWAY for in the search engines… and YOU

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