Travelling with Special Needs/Disabilities – Frequently Asked Questions

Travelling with Special Needs/Disabilities – Frequently Asked Questions

December 16 2014

Travelling with Special Disabilities

Most people with special needs or disability stop themselves from
reaching their dream destinations because of their condition. They are
afraid to experience being violated. This should not be an issue because
nowadays, travelers with special needs get more attention and are
provided with even greater services. The world has so much to offer and
it takes a lot of courage to achieve your wants. This article will
answer some of the most frequently asked questions on how to be able to
travel with comfort even if you need special care.

Why do I need to plan my travel?

Anything works when you plan it. It helps you be prepared for a
hassle free travel. It provides peace of mind and gives you time to
organize everything. When you plan your travel, it will help you to have
a comfortable journey.You also have the time to know what you want, the
right destination for you  and you can prepare necessary things for
your adventure.

How do I plan my travel?

If you have decided to go on a trip, get all the essential
information about the place you want to go. You should know what they
can offer you as well as the airport’s services for differently abled
persons. It would be better if you inform the travel service provider
about your disability so they will have enough time to prepare for your
needed assistance. You also need to get advice from your doctor if it is
safe for you to travel.

What are the things I need to know or prepare?

Being prepared in any way possible helps you get free of worries
during your travel. Hence, you will be able to enjoy your trip and can
stop worrying of anything. You should keep in mind some useful safety
and health tips. You really have to prepare an extra medication for
emergency purposes. Also carry with you doctor’s advice in case you need
to present it. There are travel agents trained in working and handling
differently abled persons so it would be better to have one. If possible
to avoid connecting flights, do it. It will help you save your energy
to go in a hurry for the next flight. But if it can’t be avoided,
connecting flights can be possible as long as you have plenty of time in
between flights.

What should I do if I am treated unfairly because of my condition?
Every person has equal rights and it should always be observed. Your
condition should not be a hindrance to live your life and enjoy it. Even
if you have a disability, you need to be treated with utmost respect.
If you think your rights have been violated, go and complain directly.
This must be taken cared of immediately. Exercise your rights as an
individual so it will not happen again to another person with special
needs. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) can also help you resolve the
problem if nothing happens after you complain directly. See
more at Intelligent Travel.


About Tony Ridley
Travel health, safety, security and risk management expert.

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