4 Steps to Have an Enjoyable Trip for Disabled Travelers

4 Steps to Have an Enjoyable Trip for Disabled Travelers

people with disability or special needs are often hesitant from
enjoying what life has to offer because of their condition. Some have
lost the will to be active and move as much as they physically can. One
of the special events they fail to experience is travelling and
exploring how beautiful the world is. In this article, you will know
that having a special need should not be an issue nor a hindrance to
reach your dream destination. You will be able to have an idea on how to
have your greatest travel adventure despite of your condition. Just
follow these 4 steps on how to achieve it without inconvenience.

1. Plan your travel
You need to plan ahead.

Organize your thoughts on what you want,
where you want to go and what you need and you might need. Get more
information about your destination. You can do some research through the
internet or ask some disabled travelers so  you know what to expect and
you have an idea what place is perfect for you. You should also know
the airport’s services for your special needs and inform your travel
service provider about your disability so they have enough preparation
for your needed assistance. Moreover, you need to ask your doctor if it
is advisable for you to travel.

2. Keep in mind some safety travel tips
It is necessary for a disabled traveler to know some safety and
health tips to be prepared in any way. Always bring with you extra
medication so in times of emergency. You should also bring a note with
an advice from your doctor if you need to present it. There are travel
agents who specializes in handling differently abled persons so it is
better to have one to lessen your burden. Connecting flights should be
avoided if possible so you will not need to hurry for your next flight.
But if you really have to go in for a connected flight, make sure you
have plenty of time between flights to save your energy.

3. Know your rights

Your disability should not stop you from being happy and feeling
contented. Everybody has equal right to be treated fairly and with
respect. You must know your rights as well as the rules for travelers
with disabilities. Getting an insensitive remark and ridicule will
always affect your mood and spoil your day, especially when you are
supposed to be in a vacation.

4. Fight for your rights
Fighting for your rights might not be easy to do but you must be
brave in standing up for yourself. Do not allow other people degrade you
and make you feel down. In instances that you encounter any violation
of your rights, you need to take immediate action to resolve the issue.
Know the right person, office or department to whom you can file a
complaint directly. If still the problem is not resolved, you can report
it to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Through this, you will be able to
help not only yourself but also others so as not to experience being

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About Tony Ridley
Travel health, safety, security and risk management expert.

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