These Top 5 Business Travel Threats Will Affect Over 90% of Business Travellers

These Top 5 Business Travel Threats Will Affect Over 90% of Business Travellers

Do you travel for business?
Do manage business travellers?
Do you know the top threats for business travellers in 2015?
Then you’re going to want to pay VERY close attention to this presentation.

If you travel for business, or manage those that do, you have probably heard plenty of those “travel threat forecasts”
Telling you what event, country or activities are going to be the biggest threat for the year
Regardless of the fact you may not even travel to those locations in the first place!
They are all fear, uncertainty and doubt based, to get you to buy more of their “stuff”
Well, this isn’t one of “those” presentations.
In the past, we have listened to those travel security briefings too,
but found they were more about the presenter or companies very security focused topics,
and did not include travel management.

Before social media, we thought the topics must have been valuable to some travellers or managers, or why would they make them?
However, we could see from the online views, very few actually watched the presentations at all.

Travellers and travel managers are busy people,
they don’t need another random, generic, applicable to only a few,
forecasts and ‘scary’ scenarios to add to their daily tasks.
We set out to review all the travel safety management
issues, and highlight just the top 5 that affect over 90% of business

Did you know that nearly ALL travel risk ratings fail even basic safety standards?
Did you know that most businesses don’t use over 90% of the “travel assistance” services they purchase?
Did you know that you are over 1,000 times more likely to experience a “travel safety” hazard than a “travel security” threat?

Did you know there are few, if any, security laws business travellers and their employers must follow when travelling?

We are only going to focus on the top travel health,
safety, security and risk management issues that will impact nearly ALL
business travellers in 2015.

You will discover that they are not “security” issues at all
And give you an action plan for review, management or creation of
a business travel safety management system that WORKS!

This information is very controversial for many in the travel management sector.
But it doesn’t mean its not TRUE!
It’s crucial that you watch this presentation now, or you
run the risk of exposing your business and travellers to much greater
Even if you have spend A LOT OF MONEY on a so called “travel security” services or membership,
you can still fix some of the mistakes you are making TODAY!

And stop wasting money on products and services that don’t
actually provide the required travel safety management systems or
Here are the TOP 5 business travel safety threats for 2015
Just knowing more about these issues will save your
business thousands, if not millions dollars in potential losses due to
errors, failures, incidents or litigation.

Remember, just because you have a “travel management system” right now, doesn’t mean it is the RIGHT system required
Safe Travels.

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About Tony Ridley
Travel health, safety, security and risk management expert.

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