Travel Safety Management Services for Travel Agents by Intelligent Travel

Meet David.
David is a TRAVEL AGENT. He is using lots of consumer sites to plan his clients’ trips. 30 hours is the average time a travel agent like David spends planning a trip with consumer and government information sites.

In those hours David will get an overdose of reviews but nothing specific to the traveller’s safety or risk management. He needs a single integrated service, a service that offers something personal and more efficient. A single source of destination, personal, aviation and road safety information he can trust, something that helps provide safety to his customers. Increase sales and grows his business but something he can afford, something like he gets for airlines and hotels.

That’s what we do here at Intelligent Travel. We are your single integrated source for objective travel health, safety, security and risk management advice. White- labeled for you and your agency. We make you look like an expert every time. Intelligent Travel includes: Pay-per-use, Personal Safety Ratings, Pre-Travel Safety Tips, Destination Guides, Interactive Maps, Vaccination Information, Points of Interest, Location News, Incidents & Updates, Priority Notifications, Travel Safety Monitoring, Interactive Support Channels and so much MORE!

Our system is push button simple or you can learn via our online tutorials. You or your customer can contact us via social media too. When you chat online we’re right here to answer. Now that David has found us, he is increasing his sales… and planning clients’ trips safely, with confidence; even to destinations he’s never been. His clients love the custom tailored service.

Are you ready to experience the Intelligent Travel difference?
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Intelligent Travel, we make you look like an expert every time!

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About Tony Ridley
Travel health, safety, security and risk management expert.

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