About the Author: Tony Ridley

Tony Ridley

Business,Travel Security & thought leader

Security Professional

Making companies more profitable, efficient and safer

Tony has generated significant value to clients and companies by enabling business growth, maximizing variance on return for assets, expanding market share and cost efficiencies. Hundreds of companies and departments have benefited from the direction and input provided by Tony. Business leaders and managers have been empowered to make informed decisions when developing or implementing strategy or responding to tactile issues, small and large. Those that have benefited from Tony’s influence and solutions enjoy greater business resilience for the environments in which they operation and profit from dynamic business decision-making.

His experience and expertise has been transferred in many ways. Push communications to key decision makers or select managers, exclusive or collective workshops and seminars, mentoring and peer review, consultation services, project management, position papers and technical forums. No two engagements are the same for clients or the transfer of knowledge in order to achieve the desired results, with each mechanism crafted from the guiding requirements to achieve the maximum value and benefits desired. Tony remains highly sought by clients for value solution development, business enhancement sessions and is regularly featured as a speaker in technical and industry conferences along with media engagement and contributor. Innovation remains a distinguishing factor for Tony and his high value benefit to organizations.

Engaging and easy communication ability. Significant practical experience and diverse expertise underpins his effective message and value proposition. Comprehensive commercial career, possesses significant, diverse knowledge further reinforced by numerous projects delivered around the world. Strong, measurable business acumen, Tony remains valued as a thought leader by companies, clients and industry groups


Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Project Mangement, Change Management, Travel Risk Management, Travel Security, Risk Assessement, Security Management Design and Implementation, General and Administration Management, Security, Business Development, Guard Force Management, Terrorism, Human Resource Management, Security, Event Management, Emergency Assistance and Response, Commercial Security Management, Proposal Development, Security Provider Networking and Public Speaking Engagements


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